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The hybrid exhibition and conference software for organisers, exhibitors, speakers and delegates

Many conferences and exhibitions are going virtual and on-line or hybrid - a blend of on-site and off-site / on-line.

In these challenging times it is difficult to forecast how many delegates will travel to a venue and spend time in the relatively close company of strangers. They may say they are coming but, on the day, change their mind.

Just as important there is a growing reluctance from exhibitors’ staff to travel and be exposed to potential harm.

This creates a quandary for event organisers.

Enter the Hybrid event model. Part on site and part on-line. Furthermore, any sessions can be recorded and made available to be viewed on-line after the event creating both a resource and record for those who attended the event and a revenue opportunity from post event access.

There are many suppliers of software tools in this market, some are better than others, and they come at all sorts of price points and sophistication. BookMeIn2 Congress from Telaman provides high value wins for organisers, exhibitors and delegates alike. Few frills, highly customisable but solid and reliable in achieving the main reason of the event – creating, building and strengthening relationships.

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How do exhibitors benefit?

BMi2 Congress from Telaman makes it easy for Exhibitors because delegates can speak to them whenever it suits the delegate during the event.

In effect exhibitors are always available via their on-line video conference booth. The exhibitor can show the visitor on-line presentations and images and send them documents through the application.

More importantly exhibitors can instantly transfer a delegate to a more relevant colleague or schedule a video meeting for another time. We see this being used extensively where the delegates enquiry is best be served by access to a exhibitor’s scare resource like the CEO or a product specialist. This also means these scare resources do not have to take time out and travel to an event.

Exhibitors use the well-established lead tracking features in BMi2 to record details of any enquiries, conversations and follow up actions.

In extreme circumstances an exhibitor could have a totally unmanned stand at the exhibition. They would have the normal stand dressing and graphics supplemented with one or more touch or voice activated screens for on-site delegates to speak with them.

What’s in it for the Delegates?

Delegates benefit because they use BMi2 to manage their schedule, review exhibitors offerings, speak with exhibitors, join speaker sessions, ask questions of speakers and arrange one 2 one meetings with other delegates both before and during the event.

Delegate one 2 one meetings can be on-site face to face or via the built in video meeting. No need for Zoom or Skype which means It is entirely up to the delegate if they wish to share their contact details.

The shape of traditional conferences is changing. Speakers presentations are getting shorter and more focused. This is very much influenced by the on-line revolution of short YouTube and TED Talks type presentations. A conference will have many more sessions than the traditional plenary followed by two either side of lunch and a wrap up session by a big speaker.

Rambling 45+ long minute presentations are being replaced with focused 10 – 20 minute bite size talks. Presentations can be streamed live through BMi2 or pre-recorded. Pre-recorded have the advantage that they are rehearsed and typically of a higher quality. Pre-recorded presentations are often be followed by live interactive Q&A session that may involve more than one speaker.

Using green screen technology makes it relatively straight forward to have the same background for a pre-recorded presentation and a live Q&A. Simply wearing the same clothes helps create the illusion of everything being live.

BookMeIn2 from Telaman makes this very straight forward. Delegates use BMi2 to send questions to the speakers. Speakers can manage the questions themselves. Yet we find that it is often best during a live session for a moderator to pre-filter, grade and combine or reword a question so that it makes more sense to the speaker.

Who can send questions. When they can be sent and on which sessions is controlled by the event organiser. This leads to a number of interesting revenue opportunities based around the type of ticket a delegate has purchased.

Gold ticket holders could be allowed to send questions to a speaker in advance of the session. This allows the speaker to cover the delegates needs in their presentation. A speaker could respond directly to a gold delegate before the event or arrange a one 2 one meeting.

ViP delegates could have the ability to send in questions before, during and even after the event – giving them access to the speaker that others do not have.

Ordinary delegates could only ask questions during the presentation. You could even make them watch at least 5 minutes of the session before asking a question.

The possibilities are endless – speakers can select which question to answer. They have the option to display or project it on a screen. For live streamed sessions the question could be scrolled across the bottom of the video screen.

Using BMi2 Congress, session speakers can conduct polls before and during a session to test audience reaction and involvement. Again, the organiser can decide when and who has the ability to answer such polls. Typically polls are restricted to delegates actively watching and involved with the session either in the room on-site or on-line for a minimum period of time.

Session Exit polls can be conducted both on-site and on-line. These are designed to be a single simple – did you like it on a scale of 1 – 5 - type of question. In the physical on-site venue tablet computers on stands catch delegates as they leave. For on-line delegates the exist poll can pop up as the delegate leaves the session screen to go to another part of the system.

About Us

The Telaman team has years of experience in both events and software that provides the reliable solutions that are a critical part of your success

Making an event run smoothly is the goal of every event manager.

The Check-In and Registration process is the first your delegates see of the event with BMi2 Congress we have extended this throughout the entire event.

The BookMeIn2 team from Telaman work with you to make the delegate, speaker and exhibitor experience as smooth as possible.

We provide the most reliable software and so much more.

On-site support comes as standard. We can loan you hardware and set up your on-site system

Trained and experienced Check-in people to support your exhibitors and speakers are all available through the eVentBackOffice service

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

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What our Client Partners Say?

Our client partners say so much more than we ever can

"This software allows us to sleep at night knowing that the first part of an event will run without any hiccups. The mixture of sophisticated software expertise together with a real understanding of an event managers life is priceless. they obviously have been there and done it "

DelegateCentral logo Ian DelegateCentral

"Simplicity says it all. The best things in life just work because form follows function"

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"we are delighted to partner with BookMeIn2 in order to bring the complete delegate management solution to our customers. The combination of our delegate booking, invoicing and marketing functions to international event managers both large and small is very powerful and cost effective"

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"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"


BookMeIn2 is always cost effective - probably not the cheapest but extremely good value for money

The cost of BookMeIn2 depends on many factors so we really need to talk in order to arrive at the best price to meet your specific needs

When and where is the event taking place? How many delegates are expected? How complex is the event in terms of seminars, sessions and exhibitors.

Do you need help with the on-line parts of the event

Are you providing the hardware for exhibitors and speakers or are we? Who will set up the equipment? Do you have reliable Internet connections? Do you need a local WiFi network setting up?

How are delegates registering - are you using something like EventBrite, Cvent, Symphnony or your own web site?

Will you provide and manage the on-site staff or do you want to save time and effort by using the eVentBackOffice service?

So many variables - lets talk as soon as possible.

We Customise our Prices to Meet Your Specific Needs - So Let's Talk.

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