Simple & Powerful On-Site Registration

The easiest way to register delegates at your conference or exhibition. Just scan their barcoded ticket or look up their name and quickly print a badge.

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Easy to use and very Secure works on Desktops, Tablets, Android and iPad. Print your delegate badges on low cost wireless printers. Everything is stored safely on the secure servers.

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Multi User and Multi Event

Easily customise for different events. Different users have different access. Exhibitors can capture details on the stand and record customer conversations.

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What We Do For You? provides a simple to use yet powerful and flexible way to register delegates and print badges at any conference or exhibition

service 1

On-site Registration

Check-In and validate delegates as they arrive

service 2

Handle Complexity

Manage seminars, breakout sessions & exhibition visitors

service 3

Print on Demand

Custom badges and itineraries printed on demand saving time and money

How BookMeIn2 Works

Desktop and scanner for front door registration and Android or iPad for seminars and exhibition stands. Data stored on secure servers communicating over Wi Fi

project 1

Delegate Check In

Simply scan the barcoded ticket or search for the name to register the delegate using a laptop or windows tablet. The Ticket Type and special notes on how to greet the visitor are displayed along with the number of people checked in.

Walkin delegates can be added on the fly subject to security settings

Click to print the delegates badge on low cost but reliable wireless printers.

Big buttons and text make it easy to use modern touch screens - minimising the space needed on the reception desk

project 2

Attendee Details

VIP status and notes on how they should be handled when they arrive.

Complete history of where the delegate has registered for and where they have been, including seminars and exhibition stands.

Record details of any conversations on exhibition stands.

Import Delegate Data

Import Delegate Data

Always have up to date data, import from any registration system.

Import Seminar attendees right up to the minute the event starts.

Data is held is a dedicated secure database just for your event either on our servers or locally if Internet access is difficult.

Manage Users

Set Up & Manage Users

You have full control over the users. Some have full access but exhibitors might only see the people who come to their stand.

Users can be given permission to create and or edit attendee details.

Exhibitors and staff that arrive late are easily set up with the relevant permissions

iPad Check-In

iPad Check-In

Use an iPad or iPhone to scan barcoded tickets and delegate badges.

No data is stored on the iPad so everything is secure.

The event organiser controls who sees what and when.

Record Notes on the Stand

Record Notes on the Stand

Save time and effort for exhibitors. Record notes of conversations with delegates when they are on the stand.

Make post event reporting easy and useful - no more matching up who stopped by the stand with badly hand written notes on scraps of paper.

Event organisers control who sees the information both during and after the event.

Exhibitor stand managers don't have to collect and manage notes and business cards and their salespeople can't easily run off with the best leads.

Who made the contact and when is recorded so stand performance figures are easy to manage.

See Visitors to a Stand

Review Stand Visitors

Review the visitors to the stand and update the conversations at any time.

Event Managers can revoke access by user at any time to protect information.

Android Check-In

Android Application

Android tablets provide a cost effective way to equip stand personnel with the ability to record conversations with visitors to there stand.

As all the data is stored on the server only very basic equipment is needed and there is virtually no chance that any data can be misappropriated

Android phone Log On Screen

Android Log On Screen

All the platforms work the same way making it easy to train staff.

Android and iPad look and work essentially the same way.

Most staff can be trained and working in minutes

  • Delegate Check-In

    Delegate Check-In

    Shows special messages

  • Attendee Details

    Attendee Details

    VIP Status and more...

  • Manage Users

    Manage Users

    On the fly changes...

  • import delegate details

    Import Delegates

    Secure Data Import...

  • iPad Check-In

    iPad Check-In

    iPad or iPhone your choice...

  • Record conversations on exhibition stands

    Record Conversations

    No more bits of paper...

  • Manage Delegates

    Manage Delegates

    See conversations...

  • Android version of BookMeIn2

    Android version

    Cost effective hardware...

  • Android log on screen

    Phone Log On

    Simple and fool proof...

About Us

Years of experience in events and software provide reliable solutions to a critical part of your success

Making an event run smoothly is the goal of every event manager

The Check-In and Registration process is the first time your delegates see the event and can really influence their attitude as they come on-board

BookMeIn2 work with you to make registration as smooth as possible. We provide the reliable software and so much more including badge design and even source the lanyards if necessary

On-site support comes as standard, hardware loan and set up, exhibitor and speaker support as well as providing trained and supervised staff are all available if required.

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

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What our Clients Say?

Our clients say so much more than we ever can

"This software allows us to sleep at night knowing that the first part of an event will run without any hiccups. The mixture of sophisticated software expertise together with a real understanding of an event managers life is priceless. they obviously have been there and done it "

DelegateCentral logo Ian DelegateCentral

"Simplicity says it all. The best things in life just work because form follows function"

CSI Awards logo Austin CSI Awards

"we are delighted to partner with BookMeIn2 in order to bring the complete delegate management solution to our customers. The combination of our delegate booking, invoicing and marketing functions to international event managers both large and small is very powerful and cost effective"

Symphony EM logo Catriona Symphony Event Management

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"


BookMeIn2 is always cost effective - not cheap but extremely good value for money

Arriving at the price for using BookMeIn2 depends on many factors so we really need to talk so that we can arrive at the best price to meet your specific needs

When and where is the event taking place. How many delegates are expected, how complex is the event in terms of seminars, sessions and exhibitors.

Do you need a special badge design setting up?

Are you providing the hardware or are we? Who will set up the equipment are you running over the Internet or do you need a local WiFi network setting up?

Will you provide and manage the Check-In staff or will we?

So many variables - lets talk as soon as possible.

We Customise Prices to Meet Your Specific Needs. Contact Us For More Info.

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